Hi, my name is Bethany.

In this house, we love movies, especially superhero movies. I’ve always loved the Caped Crusader, even before the whisper-shouting, back when the special effects were bad. So I dubbed myself Batmom. (I considered changing my name to Ironmom, but that would involve a new URL, so…)

I have three boys, I like photography and graphic design, I (foolishly) think I’m a decent DIYer, and on more than one occasion, I said to myself: I should have a blog.

Aaaaand so here we are. Or here I am. And maybe like three friends from work and my sister. (Hey, y’all! Look, I produced a website log on the internets!)

See you next week, same blog time, same blog chann- y’know what, this doesn’t really work. And I ain’t posting every week.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog…even with just a few things! The 3 things you have are awesome! Great job explaining them & entertaining as well = ).

    1. So glad you like! My wall color is by Glidden, and it’s called “Wood Smoke.” I love it and tell everybody about it because I think it’s the perfect shade! It’s right in between gray and taupe (maybe a little more gray), and looks great with any color scheme! Thanks for stopping by!

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