Hi, my name is Bethany.

In my house, we love movies, especially superhero movies. I’ve always loved the Caped Crusader, even before the whisper shouting when the special effects were bad, so I’ve dubbed myself Batmom.

(I considered changing my name to Ironmom, but that would involve a new URL so…)

I have three boys, I like photography and graphic design, I (foolishly) think I’m a DIYer, and on more than one occasion, I said to myself: I should have a blog.

Aaaaand so here we are. Or here I am. And maybe like three friends from work and my sister. (Hey, y’all! Look, I produced a log on the web!)

See you next week, same blog time, same blog.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog…even with just a few things! The 3 things you have are awesome! Great job explaining them & entertaining as well = ).

    1. So glad you like! My wall color is by Glidden, and it’s called “Wood Smoke.” I love it and tell everybody about it because I think it’s the perfect shade! It’s right in between gray and taupe (maybe a little more gray), and looks great with any color scheme! Thanks for stopping by!

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