The Lazy/Cheap DIY Ruler Height Chart

I'm lazy. And cheap. I like making stuff from stuff I have lying around, even though it'd turn out better if I went and bought nice new materials. Case in point, my legit new ruler height chart. Problems: The height charts I bought when my boys were babies only go up to 5.5 feet (and are … Continue reading The Lazy/Cheap DIY Ruler Height Chart

Create an Arts & Crafts Station

Ever feel like toy stores are just full of button-pushing toys that light up and make noise? I'd rather play with stuff from Michaels and Hobby Lobby, myself. My middle child is just the same. LOVES to color and glue and cut and paste the old fashioned way... as it should be. So when the opportunity … Continue reading Create an Arts & Crafts Station

Dos and Don’ts for the Engineering Print

**Update** Staples no longer offers these prints. It was fun while it lasted. They still offer a variety of larger prints, but gone are the days of the four-foot long b&w prints for seven bucks. Got any other photo printing hacks? Let me know in the comments! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This idea isn't new, but since it's a … Continue reading Dos and Don’ts for the Engineering Print